I Hate Music
Episode 34 - with guest Nick Wusz (Dolven)

Episode 34 - with guest Nick Wusz (Dolven)

August 13, 2019

Nick Wusz and I go way back.  I first met him when I moved to Portland to join Sculptured.   He played guitar for the band and immediately welcomed me with a hug and some Cajun pretzels.  Since then, we've become very close and often share stories and music with each other.  This visit was no different.

Join us as we talk about Sparkling Water, Sepultura, we read some listener Email, geek out about Cathedral, discuss Floridian rednecks, and at times wax nostalgic.


Closing music "To Fly Free" by Dolven.

"I Hate Music" theme by Marius Sjoli, performed by Billy Smeer --




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