I Hate Music

Episode 54 - with guest Tim Smolens (High Castle Teleorkestra, Estradasphere)

March 26, 2021

I was first made aware of Tim Smolens when I discovered Estradasphere.  Tim was the bassist and producer for the incredible, genre-hopping, Bungle adjacent band.  As I delved further into the works of the various members, it became clear that Tim has a unique musical personality and vision.  Today, Tim has assembled a super group of sorts in High Castle Teleorkestra, featuring members that have played in Secret Chiefs 3, Farmers Market, Don Salsa and Mr. Bungle.  

On this episode Tim and I listen to the two 7" singles that HCT has released so far, and Tim regales me with background stories, and production techniques.  We talk a lot of Bungle, Tim counts out crazy time signatures for me, and tells me about when he used his own keyboard to program the keys for Mr. Bungle's "California" tour.

So please pass the aux to Tim, and join us for a masterclass in the music of High Castle Teleorkestra.  




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