I Hate Music

Episode 50 - “Override of the Overlooked” with guests Jeff Wagner and Hunter Ginn

November 11, 2020

This is like one of those cheesy '80s sitcom crossovers, but better... much better.  Jeff and Hunter, the two maniacs behind the insanely awesome and inspiring podcast, Radical Research, join me to celebrate I Hate Music's 50th episode!  I asked each of them to bring to the table a band or album that they love, but is largely ignored or derided, and I chose one as well.  We then shared these selections and discussed them.

Jeff Wagner and I go way back.  We had a 'zine together in the '90s and have worked and interacted with each other in various capacities since.  Jeff has worked for a number of record labels, was the editor of Metal Maniacs, and is the author of "Soul On Fire - The Life And Music Of Peter Steele" as well as "Mean Deviation: Four Decades of Progressive Heavy Metal."  

Hunter is a rather new friend, but his wonderous drumming and intimidating vocabulary keeps me engaged almost daily.  He is the drummer for the fantastic band Canvas Solaris, and his boyish charm and southern drawl is a welcome addition to my life.

So please pass your aux to Jeff and Hunter, and join us as we celebrate I Hate Music's 50th episode by sharing overlooked gems, discussing Impaled Nazarene's treatment of goats, and playing Metal Mad Libs.



"I Hate Music" theme by Marius Sjoli.

Bumper music by Canvas Solaris.




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